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The Chenin Blanc Grape

It is thought that Chenin Blanc origionated in the Loire Valley in France sometime around the 9th century.  There is some talk, although no solid proof, that Chenin Blanc may be a parent of Sauvignon Blanc.

The grape itself is fairly neutral, which means the terroir, winemaker and climate will be major players in the finished product.  You will also notice that this grape is hugely versatile and is used to make still, sparkling and even dessert wines.

From France the grape spread to South Africa and it is now the most planted grape variety out there.

Flavours of greengage and angelica are given to the wine from the skin of the grapes.  In the new world you may find that oak chips have been used, or new oak barrels, which will impart a vanilla toastiness to the wine. 

This wine can be anything from minerally with greengage and honey (old world) to rich tropical fruit like bananas and guava (new world).


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