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The Riesling Grape

Riesling is possibly one of the most least understood grape varieties on the planet!  And there's one nation that probably bears the responsibility for this - Germany.

Whilst Germany produces exceptional Riesling wines at one end of the spectrum, it has also been responsible for saturating our market with cheap, commercial excuses for wine.  Sadly, all too often, the mere mention of Riesling sends shivers down many people's backs because of this.

But, but, but, we have to look beyond this and to the incredible diversity of this grape.  Rieslin can produce not only the most outstanding dessert wines, it can also produce bone dry wines with the most incredible floral, aromatic characteristics.  It can even produce sparkling wines with good acidity and length.

Riesling is best produced in its purest form - as such it is rarely oaked.  It is grown abundantly in Germany and also in the Alsace region of northern France.  It can also be found in most other northern European countries and thrives particularly well in Luxembourg (see Mathis Bastian).

Because Riesling has a naturally high acidity, it has great potential for ageing.  It picks up plenty of colour and aromatic complexity as it ages which can split opinion, many people preferring a more youthful, fresher style.


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