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The Sauvignon Blanc Grape (aka Fume Blanc)

Who hasn't heard of Sauvignon Blanc?!!  One of the most famous grapes grown all over the world, it is most known for producing crisp, refreshing, citrussy style wines.  But did you know too that it is a key component of the famous sweet wines of Sauternes?

Sauvignon Blanc's best known origins are the south west corner of France and the Loire valley.  In the Loire, it is the basis for the renowned wines of Pouilly Fume and Sancerre amongst others.  But it also thrives in the southern hemisphere, finding equal fame in New Zealand in particular.

Sauvignon Blanc generally buds late but ripens early and thrives in sunny climates where the temperatures don't get too high.  Much of it's character is governed by the skills of the winemaker in the winery.  Where winemakers choose to leave the skins in contact with the juice for longer, this leads to a tangier style.  The less contact, the faster the winemaking process and ultimately the lighter the style.  The key is to hit the middle ground, thus optimising the grape characteristics but without over-egging it!

Two interesting facts :

i)  Sauvignon Blanc is often referred to as Fume Blanc in the United States

ii)  Sauvignon Blanc was crossed with Cabernet France in the 1800s to create the much loved red grape variety, Cabernet Sauvignon.


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