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The Listan Blanco Grape

Listan Blanco is the local name in the Canaries for the Palomino grape variety and is the most popular grape used to make sherry (Jerez) in Andalucia.  Outside of Jerex, Palomino can be found in small quantities in South Africa and occasionally in California, where it is used to make grape brandy.  The grape is most prolific in Jerez, where it represents 95% of grapes used for Sherry.  It is an average yielder with relatively low acidity and therefore should be drunk at an early age.  

In The Canary Islands, Listan Blanco is found relatively abundantly, particularly in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.  The Phylloxera bug has never troubled the Canarians and so the vines are spectacularly old here, having never been grafted onto different root-stock.  It is not unusual to find vines over 100 years old here and yet the wines are fresh as a daisy!  


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