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Organic Wine FAQs

We are constantly asked about Organic wine and why it is so different to what is essentially a naturally produced product.  So we have put together some simple FAQs for you.

1.  What is Organic Wine?  Image result for ecocert image       Image result for soil association image

Organic wine is wine made from organically grown grapes.   Any chemical compound used in organic grape growing/wine-making must not have any detrimental effect on the environment or on human health. 

Natural fertilizers

Grapes must be certified 'organic' according to their nation's regulations.  This mean grapes grown free of synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or any chemical residues.

2.  Is Organic Wine better for me?

Well, whilst the effects of too much alcohol intake will have adverse effects on us all, Organic wines are friendlier to us and the environment.  No synthetic toxins and considerably less sulphites mean we are ingesting a more natural product.

3.  Should I be afraid of sulphites?

Sulphites are a wonderful antiseptic for wine, ensuring that wine is protected from bacteria and suchlike.  Furthermore, sulphites act as an antioxidant, meaning that they offer protection against oxygenation.  If wine is spoilt by too much oxygenation, it will eventually turn to vinegar.

In low doses, sulphites are totally harmless and are an essential tool in winemaking.  Organic wines are generally low in sulphites, only using the bare minimum.  

Wines which are imported in bulk and bottled in the UK are generally considerably higher in sulphites.  Once again, this is to provide good protection during long weeks on the ocean waters.  When bulk wine arrives at the UK bottler, it is often the case that the sulphite content will be adjusted once again, with possibly more added.  Whilst the quantities are higher, they are still harmless with maximum permitted regulations being strictly adhered to.

Some people report headaches, sneezing and other minor ailments.  Whilst there is little evidence that supports these ailments being related to sulphites ingestion, you can most certainly detect sulphurous odours on a highly sulphited wine.

Our advice is to stick with organically produced wines - it just makes sense.

Did you know?

  • Grapes are the world's biggest fruit crop and receive the heaviest application of pesticides.  
  • Chemical pesticides are associated directly with the demise of bees.
  • Integrated pest management is the planting of complimentary plants and flowers as a way of attracting beneficial insects.  This in turn naturally reduces the presence of insects that are potentially harmful to grapes.

The good news is that Hannibal Brown is an advocate for naturally produced wines that are less harmful to the environment.  We are working with some fabulously ethical producers who put nature and sustainability high on their farming and production agendas.  We'll be talking more and more about this over the coming months.

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