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Discovering wines that make you smile from the inside..

Each month, we'll introduce a new wine to Hannibal's range.  Since our launch, we've discovered wines from India to the slopes of Mount Etna, from Japan to double fermented Rieslings in New Zealand!   Be the first to discover these by joining Hannibal's Wine Route!


All of our producers must demonstrate an ethical approach and lean closely towards organic, natural winemaking.  We detest unnecessary chemical intervention, be it chemical spraying in the vineyard or over-sulphuring in the winery - we just don't want it.  We choose our wines for authenticity from credible people.   Check out Hannibal's Guarantee.


Value is equally important to us.  It’s not about pushing up prices in order to appear to offer the biggest discount later.  Unlike the supermarkets, there’ll be no trickery, no over-pricing and absolutely no discounting for discount's sake.  We aim to offer you greater value, not take it away and we’ll help your selection process all the way with our tailor-made offers. 


If there’s something you'd like to see on our list, let us know.  We'll try to find what you want at the best value possible. 


For those customers who are happy to browse online, but don’t like plugging in their bank details, Hannibal is happy to take a good old fashioned cheque – this will obviously take a little longer, but peace of mind is very important!


We appreciate your feedback and through listening to our customers, friends and family, Hannibal Brown will continually strive to offer the best customer service. 

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