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Summer’s last pink hoorah…

As the sun continues to shine (at least in somes parts), the summer of 2019 is seeing yet more rosé wine being consumed than ever before. Remember, there are two basic categories of rosé wine – the first is where rosé is the result of failed red wine (literally a bi-product of inferior red wine); […]

Blockbuster Binner – pure liquid sunshine…

It’s rare that I talk directly about an individual wine in a blog post, but I feel the desperate need to share with you one of the most pleasurable wine experiences I have had this year. You can imagine that we get through a fair few bottles in a year, continually tasting both wines from […]

Staff Training….. with a difference at Hannibal Brown HQ

We took time out today to consider the importance of a consistent message throughout Hannibal Brown’s ranks.  We all know how critical it is in any business to maintain a steady hand on the tiller whilst allowing the business to gather momentum and steadily move in the direction of success.  So today, we practised singing […]


Its’s Pancakes & Prosecco Day!

Today is Pancake Day!  And on the drive into the office this morning, Jack (our student intern) and I discussed our preferred pancake fillings.  It was no surprise to hear this 19 year old’s response, “Nutella!” he declared.  Indeed, he’d already checked the shelves to see if there was any – sadly not. My own […]

Boom Boom Picpoul de Pinet!

Ever heard of Picpoul de Pinet?  Some of you will have because there’s a fair bit of it around in the UK these days. Earlier this month, London played host to a series of Picpoul de Pinet winemakers who came over to showcase their respective wines and also provide a little more insight into the […]

Spring 2019 Wine & Food Tasting

The weatherman encouraged me this morning to believe that Spring really is just round the corner, with today’s weather not too dissimilar to that of northern Spain. So it seemed appropriate to unveil the first of our consumer wine tastings of 2019…..  entitled Malbec & Masala, it’s our Spring pairing of fine wines with tempting […]


Crowd-pleasing Muffins, Merlot & Mozart

In this food and wine pairing, it’s all about the fruit characteristic of the Merlot which couples nicely with the contents of the muffin – sweet, ripe beetroot and fruity goat’s cheese.  The components sit comfortably together in an attractive, gentle way. The touch of Mourvedre blended into this Merlot provides structure and backbone without […]


More Musical Wine Sensations…

Just 3 days to go before Measure 4 Measure throws open its doors – and we’re crazy with anticipation!  The latest, carefully crafted wine, food and music combination has been agreed…  What better ‘crafted’ wine than one that is actually named ‘The Architect‘?  One of the finest winemakers in Australia today, Philip Shaw’s Chardonnay really […]

“The holy grail of English still white wine…”

Our latest event (Measure For Measure, Fri 19th Oct, Wimbledon)  is looming large and these last few days, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our wine, food and music combinations.  We thought we’d give you a sneak preview… One of England’s greatest composers, Edward Elgar, comes together with one of England’s greatest wine estates, […]


Wine & Music – it’s a no-brainer!

A few months ago, we were approached by the Wimbledon based Jigsaw Players.   Unbeknownst to us, this group of highly talented musicians had discovered Hannibal Brown’s quarterly wine and food evening extravaganzas – and by all accounts, they’d been blown away!  Well, we too were blown away – could this be fame at last […]

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Award winners at Burghley Horse Trials

Early in September, we took Hannibal off to exhibit at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials up in Stamford.  Burghley is THE most enjoyable event in our wine calendar and this, our fourth year at the event, was no exception.  Indeed, it turned out to be an incredible piece of success for us, with Hannibal […]