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Live Stream – Thursday 16th April – 18.30 BST

Tonight’s Episode 2 of our virtual Spring Wine & Food Pairing – don’t forget to have a glass to hand!  Tonight, we’re covering: Adaras Albarino with Salmon & Beetroot Tartare, followed by Castelforte Valpolicella Ripasso with Asian-style Meatballs – delish! It’s gonna be a blast – see you later – https://www.facebook.com/events/626759497878074/

Reducing the amount of packaging we use

As we continue to endure Covid 19 and all the upheaval that it throws at us, we are pleased to say that we are still delivering across the nation.  But we’ve discovered two things.   Firstly, that as the local dumps are closed for the foreseeable, our store of disguarded cardboard wine cartons (used for shipping […]

Hannibal Brown Service in the Crisis

As I listen to the latest updates on the radio this morning, I wanted to keep you fully aware of Hannibal Brown’s continued services. Whilst all of our events have been cancelled for the foreseeable, Hannibal Brown is a little more fortunate than many business – online businesses have been swamped over the last couple […]

The virtues of drinking older wines

When someone recently mentioned that we were nearing the end of yet another decade, it made me think back to the weather variations of recent years – and of course how that has impacted on grape harvests across the planet. As I write, we’ve just witnessed horrendous wild fires in Australia and the USA, both […]

Hannibal’s Christmas Wine & Food Tasting

Hot on the heels of our hugely successful Autumn Wine Event comes our final consumer event of the year….  Thursday 12th December…. yup, that’s right, 12th December, we invite you to our Christmas Wine Tasting.  Mr Johnson, we arranged this date way before you sprung your last-minute General Election on the nation, so we are […]

A big ‘pawsome’ thank you!

Everyone put your paws together and say a big ‘hoorah’ and ‘thank you’ for all the hard efforts and support and the funds we raised for the Guide Dogs at our Autumn Wine & Food Event.  Near on 100 people attended the event (held in Trinity Hall, Wimbledon) and were tantalised by a wide variety […]

Wine Tasting for Guide Dogs!

Guide Dogs?  Yes, Guide Dogs!  This special Autumn wine tasting (Wed 23rd October) is being held in support of the Guide Dogs.  By simply attending, you’ll be helping us support this amazing cause.  And of course, YOU taste the wines, not the dogs! * sample 24+ fabulous artisan wines from around the world* enjoy mini wine […]

Paws for Wine? – We’re supporting the Guide Dogs

Everyone’s heart melts when you set your eyes on these little chappies!  The reality is that these fellers are destined for intense training to become Guide Dogs that will see them transform someone’s life.  Many Guide Dogs are fully trained within two years, but the task of pairing the right dog with the right owner […]