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DIY Wine Tasting Kit

  • Looking for a great gift?
  • Arranging a social event for your friends?
  • In charge of your wine club events?
  • Want some different ideas?

We'll do the work so that you can enjoy for just £99.00*  


We will tailor make a DIY wine tasting kit to suit your event, or you can use one of our pre-made packs.  Here's some examples of our themes:

  • Know your classics - a great selection of old world classics - why not try them blind?
  • Compare your Cabernets - A range of Cabernet Sauvignon wines from around the world - see if you can guess their origins.
  • The Intrepid Wine Taster Kit - an intrepid, unusual and fabulous selection - why not taste them blind?

                The Intrepid Taster Kit>

  • 3 Mystery Whites 
  • 3 Mystery Reds
  • 1 Pack of tasting Cards
  • 1 quiz sheet with questions for the group to think about
  • 1 quiz answer sheet - you can choose to challenge yourselves or look at this on the way.

You will learn all about wine production, the history of the wines, the grape varietals, climatical influences 

and many other interesting and amusing facts.

*The price is  £99 + delivery (£7.99) for up to 12 people - that's just £8.92 per person!. 

For more than 12 people, our DIY Mega Wine Tasting Kit costs £150 with FREE delivery and includes plenty of wine to indulge your guests.


The possiblilities are endless - you can even propose your own theme and we'll design your tasting kit for you.

We're on hand to talk the host through all of the wines and answer any questions you may have.

Please call us to discuss on 020 3876 8008 or complete the contact form below.


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