DIY Wine Tasting Kits

Host your own wine tasting and join in too!

** PLUS, for larger groups, we will host your tasting for you! **

Our DIY wine tasting kits are perfect for a fun evening in the comfort of your living room or virtually with friends across multiple households.  The wines are concealed and numbered, so nobody (including the host) misses out on the fun.  Choose from a range of themes or contact us to design a bespoke home tasting kit. They all come with master tasting notes, quiz questions and the ubiquitous Hannibal Brown notepad and pencil!

Our 6 bottle DIY kits are suitable for a tasting for up to 12 people. Look at the Mega Kit for larger groups and the MINIs for smaller.

And if you’d like us to host MINI DIY Wine Tasting via Zoom, we can! – Call us to arrange

Artisan English cheeses also available.

Here’s what’s included

  • 6 world wines – or 3 in the MINI kits
  • A master tasting guide with pointers
  • Quiz questions (approximately 3 questions for each wine) and answer sheet
  • All bottles are disguised and numbered
  • The much coveted Hannibal Brown note pad and pencils


Such a wonderful event and I have been recommending you left, right and centre. The tasting notes and quiz questions were fabulous and I loved how all the bottle labels were covered over to add to the mystery! Everyone really enjoyed it with lots of talking points – it was just excellent!  Jess C, Kingsley Napley LLP

Pioneer tasting kit

A great starting point for your self-drive wine tasting adventure! 6 bottles of artisan wines from around the world.

Explorer tasting kit

For the intrepid explorer.  We’ve travelled to all four corners of the globe to put together this selection of 6 fabulous wines.

Indiana tasting kit

A ‘new world’ adventure. Journey across the equator for a whistle-stop tour of some of the best producers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Columbus tasting kit

An expedition through the ‘old world’. Enjoy 6 classic wines from some of the world’s most famous ‘old world’ wine producing regions.

Pilgrim tasting kit

Wines which we would travel a long way for.  6 of Hannibal’s special favourites – for the wine lovers not the wine gluggers!

XL tasting kit

A group of big drinkers or a big group of drinkers?  You’ll want to think about going XL!

A fabulous selection of 6 artisan wines, 2 bottles of each, and lots of fun questions and trivia to guide you through the tasting.



For the smaller household, 3 bottles of artisan wine.  Lots of fun questions and trivia will guide you effortlessly through your 3 bottles.

mini Organic

MINI Organic

For the smaller greener household, 3 bottles of organic artisan wines, including one white and two reds.

mini deluxe

MINI Deluxe

A classy triple for the smaller household, 3 bottles of fabulous artisan wines, including one white and two reds.