Lockdown LIVE – Greek Night! with guest chefs Katrina and Karina!

Greek Night Event Image

Vidiano from Crete and Agiorgitiko 2013 from Peloponnese

Join our Lockdown Live! tasting on Facebook and YouTube – Thursday 16th July for Greek Night.  We’ll be joined by specialist caterers Katrina and Karina.   Order the wines in advance, check out the exquisite canapé suggestions and drink and eat along.
The White (Vidiano) is soft and aromatic – think Gavi or Chenin Blanc.  The red (Agiorgitiko) is velvety with soft tannins and nutty vanilla flavours from its oak ageing- think Rioja.

Canapé pairings from Russian Revels

The talented Katrina and Karina from Russian Revels have put together two fabulous recipes for food accompaniments to these wines.   Inspired by Greek, central and eastern European flavours, they are simple to prepare and delicious, so get prepping!
Cheat Kachapuri

Cheat Kachapuri

Cheesy pastry from Georgia which resemble the greek Tiropita (cheese pies).  An excellent accompaniment to white wines and this is the easy version!

Drunken Prune polaroid

Drunken Prunes with Charcuterie

Smoked duck would be ideal.  Otherwise Parma Ham, Serrano Ham or any similar meat, wrapped around the boozy prune.

Who are Russian Revels?

Russian Revels specialise in the food from the ‘New East’: from the Baltics to Russia, to Ukraine and Georgia.  And even to Greece!

Karina and Katrina began in 2011 as a supper club and grew into a catering and event business, having worked with the likes of the V&A, Royal Academy of Arts and Pushkin House.

In April, they opened an online shop to deliver directly to your door: from home-made, ready to eat food such as hand-made pasta, salads and cakes, to curated products from small scale producers from Britain and Eastern Europe. You’ll even find Greek honey, tea from organic meadows in Estonia and staggeringly good charcuterie from Wales.
The girls always say that “food never feeds the belly alone …”