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Our new Portuguese arrival



'Aphros' Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde has come along way since the '70s and '80s.  Since Portugal joined the EU the country has moved away from co-operative production and we are now seeing some extraordinarily good wines from small artisan vineyards.

"The Loureiro grape is so light and supple, it makes Audrey Hepburn look like a heavy-weight", according to one big fan.

The vines in this biodynamic vineyard are grown on sandy granitic soil, which together give this wine a fabulous minerality.  Flowers and citrus fruit, particularly lemon pithyness, pour out of the bottle and fill your senses.  

And here's a piece of trivia.... Aphros shares its name with the ocean foam from which Aphrodite was born.

Proprietor Vasco Croft has just 4 hectares of land are under vine with a further 16 hectares of surrounding land committed to forestry.  You'll find oak, beech, pine, eucalyptus, chestnut, you name it, all contributing to the unique character of his vines.

The vineyards lie on sloping hills overlooking the Lima river in Minho, way up in the north west corner of Portugal and home to Vinho Verde wines.  Protected by forestry to the west, they enjoy warm breezes travelling up from the south, contributing to the subtlety and ripeness of the wine.    

This area has a rich bio-diversity and nature is at the top of the farmers' list of priorities.

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