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Corporate wine tasting events

  • In charge of client entertainment?
  • Arranging the 'Office Jolly'?
  • Fancy starting your evening with something a little different?

We offer great tasting events which are tailor made to suit you.  You can choose the wines or leave it to us.  We can also hold the tasting blind if you would like the challenge of identifying the wines.

We'll arrange:

  • Wine
  • Glassware
  • Invitations (if required)
  • Food (from nibbles to meals)
  • Prizes

We'll even help you find the right venue for the purpose.  

Pricing starts from £15 per head*.  Groups from 14 to 80 people.  

Call us on 020 3876 8008 todiscuss your requirements.

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Why not make your wine tasting a Quiz?

Wine tasting quizes are a fun way to have a great social evening whilst still learning about wine.  Indeed, our tastings often turn into an episode of the hugely popular QI show because we like to get everyone involved.   Or remember 'Call My Bluff'?  Whatever the theme, we'll ensure everyone is entertained.

Wine events can help promote your business and sell your home!



Call us to discuss and let’s see what we can do 020 3876 8008 or complete the contact form below.

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